Do you want to buy NexGen Portable staging system or stage equipment? Or are you planning an event soon and are you looking for more stages? A stage adds value to your event. You can rent a stage of all types and sizes, depending on your type of event. For example, you can rent or buy an indoor or outdoor, round stage or even a catwalk. In addition, portable stage platforms are available in various sizes, so it always fits the location of your event. Also, you can even use a pipe & drape set in white or black for a beautiful presentation of the chosen staging system.

To buy portable staging system, you will, of course, go to! NexGen Portable stages are the best suites for training, workshops, product introductions, press conferences, company launches, jubilees, internal meetings, congresses, and training sessions. We provide platforms at various heights and sizes.

Why To Buy Nexgen Portable Staging?

Maximum Load Capacity

The NexGen Portable staging elevators are made of heavy duty and lightweight aluminum tubes, interconnected accordion all to create the greatest rigidity. This riser, with the platform included, can carry a maximum load of 800Kg. This is the equivalent of 13 people of average, 236 Harry Potter book sets or 2 Steinway grand pianos!

Easy To Install And Connect

The stage mount card is suitable for use with the 1m NexGen Portable staging platform and is easy to communicate with them to create a rigid structure. Simply open the risers in the fully open position sit the platform on top and connect to the risers using the four sturdy locking pins at each corner. When finished, the risers can fold down into a compact shape so that they can be easily transported.

Create Your Own Modular Stage

The NexGen Portable staging riser is the perfect element to start building your own custom stage. By using this riser with the following materials, you can create a step of different heights and weights that are perfect for your needs and requirements. Otherwise, find out the great packages available for sale!


1-meter platform – made of heavy duty 18mm thick plywood and aluminum edges, this platform is a convenient and durable way to create the stage space.

Rising Columns

  • 40cm stage Riser – raise the platform of the ground by 40cm.
  • 60cm stage Riser – build the platform of the ground on 60cm.


  • 200 x 40 cm Valance – suitable for use with step riser 40cm to hide the leg supports your audience. A valance will cover both sides of your deck.
  • 200 x 60 cm Valance – suitable for use with stage riser 60cm to hide the leg supports your audience. A valance will cover both sides of your deck.


  • 20cm step with Riser – Allows you to access the stage easily. Compatible with platforms using 40cm risers.
  • 40cm step with Riser – allows you to access the stage easily. Suitable for use with platforms using 60cm risers and in conjunction with the 20cm stage.

Features/Technical Specifications

  • Elevators Material: Aluminum Resistant
  • Hardware Connectors: Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Height of the riser: 60 cm
  • Riser weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Riser loading capacity: 800 Kg
  • A revolution in a competitive price, high-quality portable stage

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