Lots of people have tens if not hundreds of messages on his mobile. Some because they do not want to delete them and others like to read them whenever they want. The problem is that if something happens to your phone is broken, the firmware is damaged or stolen, and you also lose the messages. Today you will find a Quick Guide To Print SMS From iPhone.

Text messages are always among the best and simplest ways to get in touch with someone important to you. You’re additionally not going to have the ability to find the messages copied off the telephone.

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There is a huge amount of applications that can perform this task. Thus, the application SMS reader and printer (free) to automate the process.

Windows Phone

For users of Windows Phone 7, there is an application approved by Microsoft (called SMS easy reader&printer) make a print of the text messages.

You have been looking for an easy way to print text messages, but have not found. Here is something about how to print text messages from iPhone? “

Many smart Phones does not yet allow printing through connection Blue Tooth.  Other IOS devices here summarize some common ways to print text messages from Smartphones as follows:

How To Print SMS From iPhone?

Solution 1: Printing text messages on your computer email

If you have a small number of messages, use the Print Screen on the iPhone to take a picture of your text message one by one and transfer the image to your computer via email and then print it.

Step 1 Open the SMS text message on your Phone and screen capture of it by pressing the power button and the Home key at the same time, when you see the white flash screen and sound of the camera shutter is heard then you just get taken. A captured screen text message is automatically saved in your gallery. Note that the display message may not be a complete message if your message is too long conversion.

Step 2 Open any of your email accounts, write a new email and add the screenshot to email as an attachment, and then email the screenshot to yourself.

Step 3 Connect the printer to your PC and open the email attachment image on your computer, then to the right of the interface preview image, Print button.

Solution 2: Printing text messages from other smartphones wireless

An easier way to print text messages is to simply take a screenshot of the message content on the screen and send it to a compatible printer with wireless IOS as AirPrint. An SMS print from a smartphone via AirPrint, no installed drivers are needed but make sure that the device is running the latest version of IOS, and the printer is required to be connected to the same local wireless LAN.

Step 1 Take a screenshot of the message by pushing the power button and Home key. A then opens the screen on the reel.

Note that the screen cannot be a complete copy of your message conversation due to the limited screen size; it will only show a small excerpt from the conversation. Move backward, capture, print and move backward, capturing, printing, etc. but that’s insanely tedious.

Step 2 Of the application on your device, button to display menu options press and tap Print.

Step 3 From Printer Options, select a printer, then your messages should be sent to the printer almost immediately.

Solution 3: Print SMS Text messages from computer

Open the message on your computer and click the Print option to print text messages from a smartphone. Open the CSV file with Microsoft Excel or Notepad and print the file by checking the menu bar> File> View of two program SMS text messages in the HTML page, you must open the web page in a web browser on the computer (in this case Google Chrome have as an example), you will find the Settings button in the upper right of the bar.SMS addresses and select the photo, you can open the Windows photo viewer and print it by selecting the Print option from the menu bar.

Solution 4: Print SMS From iPhone

SMS Easy Reader & Printer is a free online app for uploading and supporting sms_iphone.Vmsg, SMS.vmsg and sms_android.vmsg files from all smartphones with iOS, Windows Phone OS, and Android OS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can quickly:

  • Search
  • Select
  • Generate Chats
  • Read
  • Manage
  • View Statistics  
  • Delete
  • Clean Spams
  • Email Sms
  • Save And Print SMS From iPhone.