This technology enables the execution of a process on a remote smartphone using the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol without any user interaction.

This solution leverages the a phone’s ability to receive text messages when a phone is misplaced, for example, and sends information about the phone’s location.

Patent pending.CHICAGO, IL (AUGUST 22, 2011)RealTime Fantasy Sports users will no longer need a PC or a laptop to make changes to their fantasy football teams’ lineups or comment on the message board thanks to a new Smartphone app created by Wave Technology Group, a mobile solutions firm. The 2011 season app comes with a live scoreboard that shows game time points, season schedule, team page and preview schedule. In addition, new features this year allow a user the ability to change the line-up and the ability to chat with other fantasy players instantly.

It is possible for iPhone apps to be a little expensive but there are a great number of the best iPhone apps that do not cost you much. You can add the following apps to your collection if you are interested in listening free songs of want to identify music on radio.1. Pandora Radio
One of the most popular and downloaded iPhone apps is known as Pandora Radio. You can download this app for free from App Store. This app is among all those best free iPhone music apps that are simple to use and work extremely well. The customized play lists are compiled by this app on your preferred music. This feature makes it different from all the best iPhone apps available. You just have to select a single song and the rest of the work is done by this incredible app.
It will make an entire list of the songs that are similar to your selected one. Apart from all the benefits offered by this app, there is a restriction on its use that is you have got just 40 hours per month of free music. For upgrading the app to unlimited usage, you have to pay $0.99. This app is a must have for every person who is music lover.2. Shazam
When you listen to an appealing song on radio and do not know about the singer, it is extremely frustrating. That is exactly the problem this app tackles with. You just have to give this app ten minutes for hearing the song and you will be provided by the song title and the name of the singer by this amazing app. This app is no doubt the best iPhone app for music lovers. You are offered identification of five songs per month by Shazam for free. But if you want more Shazam Encore offers you unlimited service for just $4.99. However, if you have to check for a song from time to time then the free version is best for you. It has got some problems identifying the songs of obscure singers, otherwise it just works fine. You can add this app to the list of all the best free iPhone music apps you have got for iPhone.3.
This app is the strongest competitor to the Pandora and is the best free iPhone music app so far. It offers the similar service as Pandora but it has got some special features. The latest version of this app is one of the best iPhone apps and offers personalized music recommendation along with tour dates and a calendar for different music events. The best thing about this app is that there is no monthly limit to the usage of this app.