CHICAGO, IL — September 20, 2011 — Nonprofits and companies providing family services, community entertainment or safety products now have an opportunity to enter the growing family safety arena and cause by extending their corporate brand to their members’ mobile devices with Wave Technology Group’s new mFamily Safety White Label Application.

Given the large number of brilliant Cydia Apps, one is really hard pressed and it’s like walking on eggshells, when it comes to selecting the Top  Cydia apps of 2011. So read on to know about our Top-rated Cydia Apps of 2011 and something about Cydia Apps and Jail-Breaking experience.Jail Breaking and Cydia Application
Jail-breaking allows devices using Apple operating system to gain full access to be able to download 3rd-party applications, extensions and themes, not available at official Apple App Store. And in order to do that we need installer such as Cydia. Even after jail-breaking, one can still use all the normal functions of the device. It gives user more control of device to add features that were unavailable prior to Jail-breaking. So in a way jail-breaking increases the functionality of the device manifold. Given the subsequent developments in jail-breaking process and jail-breaking apps, there are no worries regarding device system getting corrupted due to jail-breaking. Top  Cydia Applications of 2011 Open SSH
It is by far the best Cydia app, and is considered the best thing you could do to your iPhone. Open-SSH is a background system that allows the connection of your iPhone over Wi-Fi to a PC to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone. Wireless connectivity is made easy by installing this app in your device. When you use Open-SSH it installs a protocol on your iPhone, allowing wireless communication with your PC and you are all set to transfer content from your PC to iPhone.Winterboard And Summerboard
Fed up to back teeth of your background and icons? With these good iPhone apps you can change the user-interface of your iPhone upside down. All you need is to have good aesthetic sense to achieve the desired result. Live wallpapers are also available to get a moving backgrounds, but at the cost of taking a chunk out of your battery life. Winterboard allows you to change icons, in rows or columns to achieve an Android-like sense of customization. In a nutshell, you can customize the look of your iPhone as per your sweet wish with this great Cydia app.Emulating NES-ROMS with Cydia
As the name may suggest, an emulator is an app that copies a piece of hardware. For example, this software app can copy the famous Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing you to play any NES game available as a ROM-file (games you run using an emulator); similarly all the blast-from-the-past games can be enjoyed in one place. So those who sorely miss Mario or Zelda, can play those great games to their heart’s content as easily understandable controls and great graphics makes for a great fun,
With new ADX Plus Emulator you have the best of both worlds, as it is both an emulator as well as an overall solution to all your ROM needs. It has the ability to downloadnew NES ROMS in the actual app.